Edgehill Livingroom


source url The 16th Neighborhoods of Newport House Tour could not be achieved without a dedicated team of volunteers, the proud support of our local businesses and the generous contributions from our sponsors and St. Michael’s Country Day Community.

Friends & Family

http://teachingstudios.com/product/object-studies-in-watercolor-ink-and-gouache-for-teens-and-adults-pm/ Our sincere gratitude to the friends and families of St. Michael’s who gave a personal donation to the 2018 Newport House Tour.

House Level:

  • The Baker Family
  • The Dana Family
  • The Frary Family
  • The Froehner Family
  • The Griffin Family
  • The Huntley Family
  • The MacMillan-Wintersteen Family
  • The McColough Family
  • The McDermott Family
  • The D’orsi-Ryan Family
  • The Vieau Family

Trolley Level:

  • The Caulfield Family
  • The Ridall Family
  • The Richards Family

Marketing Level:

  • The Soares Family